Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan lies on the eastern side of Imam Square and was apparently built for the wives of the Shah. This is said however, not to be backed by reliable sources. The Shah also had a tunnel built connecting the palace to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque that runs under the piazza. Built apparently because the Shah did not want people looking at his wives as they passed to the mosque for their daily prayer. When the tunnel ended at the entrance of the mosque it wound round and round with guards positioned along the way until you finally entered the mosque itself.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque like Shah Mosque was built under the reign of Shah Abbas the great. However Shah Abbas went to a much greater effort with the details and tile work in an effort to make this a sacred place for the ladies of his harem.

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque for me personally was the most beautiful. It is not the biggest or the most extravagant and it is lacking a courtyard and a minaret making it architecturally unusual. The colour and lighting just got me though. I could hardly deal with it. We walked around inside whispering to one another, multiple almost incomprehensible words of amazement.



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