Mt Blanc.

Mt Blanc

We almost didn’t go to Mt Blanc, we had been driving around in our tiny Fiat Punto S camping in fields and industrial areas for a few months now and needless to say we were starting to run low on money. But it is strange how things work out sometimes when you are travelling. One minute we’re in our tents either freezing cold or sweating more than I would care to remember, especially when I think about sleeping on the same air mattress for weeks on end, the next thing we knew we we’re staying in a castle in a small town called Samoens just a short drive from Mt Blanc with our own rooms, fresh towels and fresh hot meals being made for us.

Once there we considered not going up Mt Blanc because, well, like I said by this stage of the trip both of us were so poor, we had not worked for months and had just been on the road, driving, non stop but, I think we both realised we would be making a huge mistake by not going so, we allowed ourselves to spend about 4 days worth of our budget each and just ascend the mountain. I am beyond happy that we did, at that point in my life I had never seen anything like it, there was a stark contrast in landscapes the likes of which I really only ever imagined or had seen in photographs. I still could not fathom that it was cold enough anywhere in summer that there could still be snow haha. Such a mountain rookie.

Mt BlancChamonix.
Mt Blanc Mountain hiking.
Mt Blanc This looked scary to me.
Mt Blanc
Mt BlancI could not even fathom that things had been built into and on top of this rock haha.
Mt Blanc

Mt BlancThis was the view from my room.

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