Iceland in Black & White.

Iceland black and white

Iceland in Black and White.

I never shoot black and white and when I do it is extremely premeditated and I have a strong plan in mind. So when I was in Iceland, basically the most photogenic place on earth and I ran out of colour film (which I NEVER do! I normally come back with 10 extra rolls just in case) I almost punched a hole in the dashboard of the car. I was so mad at myself. I had to take a few deep breaths and just accept the fact that black and white was all I had. The thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that 90% of what we were seeing was already white with snow cover and I just didn’t think anything was going to come out. It did and didn’t to my pleasant surprise it was not actually anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Personally I still would have liked these in colour because I can remember the colour of the skies and lighting. I did however initially overreact to the realisation that it was all I had. Such a tantrum haha. It was also a type of film I had never shot before and came out a little more contrasty than I am used to or prefer.

Iceland black and whiteI could not get over the roads. Driving on snow and ice was such a weird thing for all of us and I just could not even imagine it was really as easy as it was.
Iceland black and white

So driving on these roads felt 100% fine and when I was driving I was going probably a little faster than I actually thought was safe but it did not feel icy at all. We stopped to take a photo and I just stepped out of the car like normal and all of a sudden I was on my back half underneath the car laughing. As soon as I realised that we were driving on ice I slowed down a lot.Iceland black and white

Iceland black and white

Still not even sure how to feel about these photos..Iceland black and white

The pinks and purples that were reflecting off this lake as the sun was setting upset me knowing I would not really be able to capture it.Iceland black and white

Iceland black and white

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