Albanian Countryside.


The second time I returned we drove through the Albanian country side. We had taken the ferry from Corfu to Sarande. We were not really sure how to deal with getting around Albania this time when we first arrived because we had some specific places we wanted to see that I had not seen the first time.

After an hour or so we decided to rent a car, it took about an hour to go through the process and despite the state of the roads and the way people were driving very little was said. They handed us the keys and told us when to return with the car and that was it.

There were near mountains and craters in the main highways running through the country, enough to near flip a car if you were not paying attention enough to slow down at the appropriate times. But around every turn and over every mountain there was more and more incredible scenery, beautiful beaches and cute villages. There is almost zero tourist infrastructure outside of the cities but this was a bonus. We drove where we wanted, parked where we wanted and camped where we wanted completely unmolested. We were worried about camping because Albania has a reputation in the western world, but the people were so amazingly friendly and we did not experience anything at all that we could even consider negative.


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    • Oh you should! It is so cheap and the people are so nice and the country side is amazing!! I was in Bulgaria a few years ago also though and it was also soooo beautiful!! I went to 7 lakes and hiked around it and I could not even believe what I was seeing!

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