I like hiking but then in these snowy mountains I …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Indrani.

I like hiking but then in these snowy mountains I am not so sure. Again the pictures are something to die for so may be that will keep me going.

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The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
OMG such exotic rich interiors, even the cathedral is amazing. I need to take this couch surfing seriously now. It does give immense opportunity for cultural experience.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
OMG! Can something be so beautiful! Looks like any moment there will be shower of gold. Lovely designs all over.

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
I am stunned by the pictures, never seen such decorated ceilings. Very attractive color combinations and fine designs. Iran is still a dream, hope it materializes.

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
This looks so amazing, so full of history, absolutely my kind of place. All look so fresh even after 2000 years! Very impressive.

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter.
These reasons are good enough but I am still dreading the cold. But the northern lights are definitely the strongest attractions! And nothing like it if we can save on travel costs.