Dolomites in the winter looks so gorgeous. But judging …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Soumya Nambiar.

Dolomites in the winter looks so gorgeous. But judging from your experience, it must have been really cold and I don’t know if I would have loved to hike in such extreme temperatures. I love using Mapsme as well and it is quite helpful.

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The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
I have heard so much about Persopolis, so it is not a surprise that it is on this list. Same case with the Shah mosque. But that Golestan building looks amazing and I would definitely want to visit that and the Bazaar. I have never tried couch surfing but maybe I will, just for Iran.

Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
That must have been a nerve-racking experience. I was quite sure that you made out okay since you wrote the article. But still, I was tensed nevertheless reading it. Glad that everything turned out fine. we really can’t say what people will get offended over.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
The photos of the mosque are gorgeous. So much intricate detail just like the Shah mosque. It must have taken them a long time to design each of the tiles.

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
The photos of the Dome are so gorgeous. It looks like they must have spent many years building this mosque. The artwork is so intricate and I would love to stand there once to hear my echo one day.

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
It does not look like it has changed even a bit after being there for 2000 years. You have definitely piqued my interest. It is sad to see that so many centuries of rulers looted this place.
How easy was it for you to travel in Iran generally?