Wow this is the best thing I have read today. …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Jitaditya Narzary.

Wow this is the best thing I have read today. Always love hiking but winter hiking makes it all the more challenging but those frozen waterfalls are worth the effort. Need to visit the dolomites soon.

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The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
Really loved this post. I have always had a great interest in ancient Persia. It is great to see that they have maintained their heritage well. A lot of people are scared of travelling to Iran but you have shown that those fears are unfounded.

Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
Very mention of Israel does touch a raw nerve in the Middle East. Good that you managed to stay calm. I think the best way under such circumstances to not react at all and do what is asked. Nevertheless, it did read like a thriller. lol

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
Brilliant architecture and intricate artistry! Remember reading something about Isfahan in schoolbooks. Thanks for refreshing those memories.

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
Magnificent artistry. Whoever did that must have really strained his back and his eyes. Not everyone wants to go to Iran but surely it has many things to see.

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
Mindblowing views! I have always dreamt of visiting this place. I have great interest in the ancient sites of the Western Asia. Sadly a lot of those regions are unstable now. Iran is probably one of the last remaining stable countries in the Middle East.