It is such a brave act to hike in the …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Suruchi.

It is such a brave act to hike in the winters that also when the temperature is that low. Your pictures are incredible and those mountains are fascinating. My heart and mind are toppling me to plan a trip soon to mountains and take some hike too.

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For me holidaying in Iran was always an erratic decision. But your post is clearing my so many doubts. It seems to be a place with rich history and culture. And those domes and intricate designs are my weakness. Thanks for sharing this up and hopefully will consider this place for my next vacation.

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OMG. That is a different experience as well as a different story from what I have read until today. You answered everything so strategically. A single wrong answer can put anyone in trouble. I would have really panicked in such a situation.