The Dolomites look epic as far as a place to …

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The Dolomites look epic as far as a place to hike and camp. Camping in the winter can be very cold. I admire you adventurous spirit in going on such a cook mountain trip.

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Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
Worth at is pretty intense to say the least. I guess you must have given the right answers but I wonder what would have happened if you gave the wrong ones. Maybe you weren’t in trouble and the secret police were just doing some surveys of tourist’s attitudes. Haha.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
Lovely photos. The inside of the Mosque is so detailed and beautiful. I would love to visit one day.

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
It does look beautiful with all the mosaic works. It would be interesting to go back in time and see how they planned the whole construction of the Mosque. That’s neat that you can hear the echo in one specific part of the room.

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
I can definitely understand Persepolis being called one of the world’s greatest archeological sites as the history is incredible. We’ve been to Pompeii before and couldn’t get over the size of the city but Persepolis looks even better. I would like to see this in person one day.

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter.
Iceland is so high up the bucket list, that I don’t really know why I’m sitting here in my flat in England? I should be on the next flight to beautiful Iceland. Thanks for the great reasons to visit in winter! Tomorrow I think I will look into it a little more and see if it is a possibility to get there in the next few weeks!