Indeed a very beautiful place. And domolite does resemble the …

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Indeed a very beautiful place. And domolite does resemble the beauty of iceland. Camping like this at the beautiful site is like one of my top bucket list items. And now I know which destination to head to for it 🙂 The 4 day itinerary seems just perfect to plan a trip and explore this area

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The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
Wow, such interesting list of things to do and experience when in Iran. I would love to spend some time with a local family to get acquainted with the culture better. Apart from that, the whole place seems to have lots of beautiful, intricately done architectural wonders to visit. Will save for planning my iran trip

Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
What a story. I actually held my breathe all through it. I can understand the panic and the fear if it were to happen to anyone of us . The middle east has been so disturbed lately. I wish peace prevails in this area soon and people restore to feareless lives.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
This looks like one glorious architecture to me. Particularly that roof picture is totally beautiful. Didn’t know such beautiful places exist in Iran

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
This is exactly the kind of ancient, historical place that interests me. I didn’t know that persepolis had such a rich ancient history. I will love to visit here. By the way, loved your pictures

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter.
Visiting in off season is definitely an advantage. And iceland seems to be beautiful across all seasons. Although, northern lights is one phenomena for which I would definitely like to visit here in Winter