The temptation that gripped me after looking at all those …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Sandy N Vyjay.

The temptation that gripped me after looking at all those beautiful pictures was irresistible. Hiking with such natural beauty all around you can just make the experience unforgettable. I will definitely try this some day.

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The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
Iran is beautiful with its ancient history. The ruined cities truly reflect its history.. Staying with a local family is best way to dive into the local traditions. Each of this heritage monuments are worth a visit.

Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
I salute your courage! Not many people can keep their cool in such a scary situation. I would have freaked out if this ever happened to me. But, after this article I think I will remind myself to be brave.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
This mosque is sheer poetry in stone. The structure is so elegant. The interiors look really exquisite. The structure by istself seems to sing out the praises of God. An apt place of worship.

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
I had not heard about this Mosque. It looks so magnificent. The intricate design inside the dome is so colourful and exquisite. A tribute to the artists who must have toiled to creats such a masterpiece.

Surfing In Iceland In Winter.
Winters make every place look even more beautiful. The place looks really cold , wondering how did you manage to surf in so cold water. It must have been indeed a test of endurance.