It really sounds like an amazing adventure. Hiking with those …

Comment on Winter Hiking in the Dolomites. by Jesper, The Biveros Effect.

It really sounds like an amazing adventure. Hiking with those views of over the landscape must have been even more amazing. Is it more challenging to hike during the winter? I can imagine that the snow and cold might cause some new issues.

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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
Seems like an interesting place. Have heard a lot about Iran, both bad and good. It would be an interesting country to visit one day. Especially to see all of it’s unique architecture. 🙂

Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
Buildings with so much decorative futures sure are impressive. Would be interesting to know how they succeeded with painting all those not easy to reach areas. Not to mention the time it must have taken. 🙂

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
Must have been an amazing feeling standing at the sight knowing the importance that it once held. It still looks really impressive. Just the thought about how great the place must have been is really comprehensiveness. 🙂

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter.
Winter time really can be amazing. For us living here in Sweden I’m not sure if Iceland fills our needs during the winter. We usually look for a bit more sun to survive the dark months. Landscapes can be really amazing during the winter, so I can understand why to go. Just that I would prefer a bit warmer if I go somewhere this time of the year. 🙂

Surfing In Iceland In Winter.
That water sure looks a bit cold to me. You didn’t made sure that there would be a sauna next to the beach to go to afterward? Don’t even want to imagine that drive and the fight for every minute next to the heater. 🙂