Waking up in Reno.

I suppose I didn’t technically wake up in Reno but my friend in the passenger seat did. This was my second road trip across the USA and I had taken a northern route as opposed to the southern route I took the first time so it was all completely new for me. The only thing I knew about Reno was there was a show called Reno 911 that I had never watched but as we rolled in with the sun I was pleasantly surprised. It was colourful and kind of cute in a faded out pastel run down kind of cute. We drove through the centre of town and I decided I needed to stop to take photos. We also needed breakfast after driving all night.

The charm didn’t last long as we walked into a casino at 650am and realised it was nearly full. I could not even tell if people had any idea what the time was or if they had been inside all night or just arrived first thing in the morning. Both ideas seemed just as sad to me. We just wanted a bathroom but as it sometimes happens towns open themselves up to you in the most unexpected of ways and I realised why everyone had been saying the things they had been saying about it.

We left and I walked around taking photos. There was almost no one in the streets and it was hot already. Personally I liked the town despite the fact we only stayed for an hour or two. I find this happens a lot when I travel the USA though. I find places that are dealing with certain social issues and as a result are considered undesirable but so many places have this understated beauty about them that just kind of appears out of no where.

We stopped at a small early morning diner where the owner was so over friendly in a way only Americans be, again though, just another reason why I love the USA. We ate our breakfast, drank or juices and were back on the road again in no time.


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