Things To Do At Kabak Beach.

Getting around Kabak Beach.

Kabak Beach or Kabak Koyu is an amazing little part of Turkey, nestled away in forested mountains and quite tucked away from the main tourist path. See my first post about Kabak here. It’s a little tricky to get to, but once you are there there’s a bunch of super fun things to do besides just lay around in the incredibly blue water of the main beach.

A short walk along the cliff from Kabak beach you come to a small cave known as The Blue Cave. The clarity and water colour is incredible and once you are inside the sun coming through the underwater cave creates this amazing blue that you cant help but be attracted to. There is two ways to enter, one is swimming straight in from the open sea and the other is a little more adventurous if you have it in you. It is a small 5 or 6 meter under water cave swim. I think it took me about 10-15 seconds to pass through so its not a big distance and as long as you stay calm like with all water activities you will be fine. This was just a short fun thing that I did a few times a day while we were there.

The Blue Cave Kabak Beach

The next thing and probably my favourite was the waterfall about one kilometre from Kabak Beach. It is hidden deep in the forest and is a small fresh water waterfall with a swimming hole. There are two ways to get there. One takes about 30-40 minutes, is poorly marked and you can only see the waterfall from above. The other takes about an hour following the Lucian Way. It is marked with red and white paint along the path. This path takes about an hour but you find other little swimming hole along the way and can climb through other small waterfalls. The walk itself is beautiful. It may however be a little more challenging for some if you are not particularly in shape. But I did not meet anyone whilst there that could not make it to the waterfall.

kabak beach waterfall

Another thing we did if you have brought your own tent is a hike from Kabak Beach to Cennet Bay also known as Heaven Bay. The walk itself is pretty long and not super well marked. We got a little lost on the way and had to double back which added an extra hour or so to the trip but overall the hike is about 5 hours but when you arrive in Heaven Bay it is all worth it. The white sand beach is completely lined with forest and untouched by any buildings. It was completely empty the whole time we were there and we set our tent up on the sand and went straight for the water and then lay in bed and watched the sun set over the sea. There is also a beach side pump that pumps cold spring water which was a nice bonus.Heaven Beach Kabak



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