Developing Film.

Developing film whilst travelling around the world.

Due to the intrinsic nature of film things here will be a little slow. There are many problems that come along with shooting film whilst travelling. Processing being the major one. Finding somewhere to develop film in countries like Iran, West Sahara, Albania, Tonga and even most of South America can be extremely difficult. As digital is now the major format and has been for some time, labs are slowly dying out. Never knowing where or when to develop film next can get tiresome but we believe the pros far outweigh the cons. Not only that, there is being stuck in small towns in countries where these things are not common practise at the best of times. One beautiful thing about film photography though is that it was a standard format for such a long time that you do have the ability to find labs on the go, however I have become somewhat dubious of these smaller places in less developed nations after countless mishaps. Film has been destroyed by old chemicals, rolls have been lost, edits have been made and negatives have been cut in horrible ways that makes them almost impossible to re-scan. I try and wait these days to get my film developed and scanned in developing nations, but I find myself becoming somewhat impatient at times, especially when I have 7 or 8 rolls that I am carrying round. I feel like its better to take the chance with dodgy or bad developing sometimes rather than possibly lose them all. But I have lost amazing photos that have never again been salvaged despite my best efforts. Having said this I have found some amazing labs in places like Albania, Serbia and Peru. Its just a matter of self control these days really, and a little luck. Here are some examples though.0002 Finger prints and some weird haze across the top.0010I have no idea what happened to this roll but they all looked the same.
0015More giant finger prints.

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