Wow, those pictures of the interior of the mosque are …

Comment on Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran. by Rashmi and Chalukya.

Wow, those pictures of the interior of the mosque are awe-inspiring, These architectural wonders of the past are really worth a marvel. The painting on the dome is so immaculate and fine looks incredible. And the acoustic features of the dome is intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

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Winter Hiking in the Dolomites.
Wow! Winter camping though intense looks awesome, it must have been great experience under the starry sky. And waking up to the snow capped mountains glowing to the rising sun sounds awe-inspiring. The vistas of the jagged mountains dusted in the snow in Seceda and Lago Di Braies looks stunning. You have some amazing captures.

The 9 Best Things to do in Iran.
We dont get to read much about places like Iran as travelers avoid them due to safety issues. But here is a wonderful post which actually talks about the people and atmosphere of Iran which sounds so friendly and makes for a great cultural experience. Golestan Palace and the interior of the mosques at Imam square are incredible. Vank cathedral looks equally beautiful. Iran definitely has some of the awe-inspiring gems which surely not to miss.

The Ancient City of Persepolis.
We are awed by the sheer beauty of the motifs and the sculptures of the ancient city. Though few of them look like to be in ruins still the immaculate art is sure to charm anyone. Hope to explore these wonders someday ourselves.