Exploring Antalya.

Exploring Antalya

was beautiful, Antalya the kind of city that makes you question why you don’t just naturally hear about it more. From the beaches and the waterfalls to the cliff front facade of the city dropping into the ocean and the surrounding country side. Everything was incredible. Not to mention it was super refreshing standing by the sea feeling the cool breeze on your face after being in the steaming hot streets of Istanbul for a few days. We spent our time cruising on boats (I’d try to avoid the tourist ‘pirate’ ships that blast extremely loud top 50s music and are basically just drinking to get drunk boats, unless of course that is your thing), swimming in the sea and walking the streets which were amazingly decorated and super clean! The historical centre is incredible also and so rich in history.

We took a smaller boat from Kaleici’s harbour and swam in pristine coves in amazingly blue waters almost under waterfalls that fall straight into the sea. This¬†was one of the best things for me while we were in Antalya and I’d recommend putting it high on your list.

There is also a nice little photo lab to get film developed called Yesilbahce photo studio, it was a little slow but nice.

Antalya Kaleici harbourThe mountains behind Antalya from the sea.

Duden falls antalyaDuden falls dropping straight into the sea.
AntalyaThe streets are colorfully decorated.


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