Duden falls Antalya.

Duden falls Antalya

is one of those magical places that you come across every so often while you are travelling. It is actually a set of waterfalls, formed by recycled station water that runs about twelve kilometers before eventually falling from cliffs into the sea. We first saw Lower Duden Falls by boat where they drop into the sea. The next day we took the trip inland by bus to view the upper part of the falls. We walked to dogu karaji taxi station where there is a bunch of different busses and dolmuses leaving all the time. Then we just asked which one would get us there it was CV17 from what I wrote down. The trip took quite a while and was pretty slow due to traffic. We eventually arrived at the entrance to the park, paid a small fee and went in. The park itself was amazing. Clean, shady, water running everywhere. It was almost all local tourism which was nice to see. If you are heading to Antalya though this should be on your list of things to do!Duden falls antalya

Duden falls antalyaCaves behind the falls.
Duden falls antalya
Duden falls antalya

Duden falls antalyaLower Duden falls dropping into the sea.

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