Camping on Whitehaven Beach.

The cheapest way to stay on White Haven Beach.

We spent three days camping on Whitehaven and it was not even really close to enough, one or two more nights would have been perfect but it was still an amazing experience. Having a beach that has been rated in the top ten beaches in the world on countless lists all to yourself for sunset and sunrise is a pretty incredible experience especially considering how unbelievably crowded it is during the day. All to yourself kind of means with a handful of other campers, in our case I think it was 6 or 8 other people, but everyone kind of finds their own spot and its chill.

We checked out a few day trips to Whitehaven Beach and most of them started at about $150 AUD and up and most were for only a few hours on the sand then another stop at the look out point and then home before sunset. If that is all you are after then that’s fine but we actually wanted to spend some time on the beach, walk, swim, see the sunrise and fall and actually spend the night.

After some asking around we found a company called Scamper, which will take you out in the morning and drop you off at Whitehaven or any of the other islands in the area if you would prefer one of them instead. They will then then pick you up on the day you choose at around lunchtime also.

It cost $155 per person to get to Whitehaven Beach but that was the base price for a few hours on the island anyway. We already had all our own camping gear so we were good to go. Although you can rock up completely clueless with no gear and they will give you everything you need. They also provide water for the duration of your stay.

You do however have to provide all your own food, duh, which is fine really, exactly the same as any other camping trip. The other thing you need to do is pay for your camping spot. There are only 36 available so I would suggest booking a little in advance. We didn’t but it was the middle of winter so there were not so many people around. You can book it online here or over the counter probably anywhere you can book tours. It is like $7 per night per person so that is nothing really.

So we woke up here every morning for 3 days with almost not a single other person around which I have to say was pretty special really.

We filled our days walking to the end of the beach and back, swimming, snorkelling and reading. Despite the fact it was the middle of winter the water was still so warm and neither of us had any kind of problem with stingers.

It is on everyones visit list when they come to Australia for a reason and this was by far the cheapest way to experience Whitehaven Beach. For the cost of one person it was $155 for the boat plus $7 per night for the camping pass. After food for a few days the total cost was about $200 for 3 nights. Which is almost nothing for an experience like that and I would gladly do it again in a heart beat!



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