Camping at Kabak Beach.

Finding Kabak.

I can not even really remember how we got to Kabak but it was a series of busses, hitchhiking and then finally taking the long walk down the side of the cliff from the drop off point. It was so hot and the track was pretty terrible, just rocks covered in dust making them precarious at best. The water was the most amazing shades of blue and it is the first thing you notice coming over the hill. By the time we hit the beach we were so dusty and sweaty we ran straight for the ocean.

When we were heading there we had read that you could camp on the beach for free and that was our original plan but when were arrived there was a certain well, vibe on the beach, as secluded as it was that we were not really sure about so we decided to walk back from the beach a little bit and ask around. We ended up staying at Kabak Natural Life. It was super cute and well priced considering dinner and breakfast were both included. They let us just walk in and book on the spot and everyone was super friendly. The rest of the time was just swimming and beaches and waterfalls.

kabak tree houseThere was a few tree houses in Kabak. Pretty sad we did not stay in one.
kabak tree house
kabak bay

kabak bayThis is shot on film and there is zero photoshop. This was the actual color of the water!
Kabak cabinMore cute little cabins in Kabak.

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