Created by Dane Faurschou from my passion for travel, photography, and storytelling, Holidayfromwhere strives to be a visual experience and inspiration source for the travel lover. From a small town in Australia called Byron Bay creativity, travel and personal self growth were things I was constantly surronded by and the things that led me to follow the path I am now following. The ocean and the mountains are what started my passion for travel and what constantly drive me to continue travelling.

Growing up surfing with little to no money teaches you to travel in a slightly different way. You will do almost anything and deal with almost any conditions to surf all the waves you ever dreamed about as a kid. Hitchhiking up and down the coast before we had drivers licences, sleeping in bushes and public toilets (if it was raining) or in the backs of our tiny hatchback cars normally with at least 3 people inside teaches you that you really don’t need that much to travel. 65 countries later and I try and avoid most of these situations but I learnt a lot of valuable lessons that I still carry with me when I travel today. I did one of my first over seas trips when I was 18 with a friend to Tonga to surf. After flights and paying for accommodation I had a few hundred dollars left for the next 2 months. I ate dry weetbix with water and bananas I picked off trees and coconuts along with 2 minute noodles. It was as bad as it sounds and I lost like 4 or 5 kilos but we surfed all day everyday and we both realised that we did not need anything for us to be happy where we were. I still feel this way and will occasionally forego a bed to sleep in a park or a small patch of grass or bush on the outskirts of a town or city. As bad as I normally sleep under these conditions when I wake up I am always feeling more rejuvenated and more alive than I ever would have felt if I had have woken up in another hotel or hostel.

I just want to explore and experience and share these experiences and visuals with other people.

All the photos on here are shot on film and you can follow the link to where you can see what equipment I have used over time. 🙂

Or you can just contact me here if you want to know anything else.

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Chased by the military in Western Sahara.
Seven Rila Lakes Bulgaria
Lost on a mountain in Bulgaria.







Rape in the South Pacific.
Detained by Iranian secret service.












Joe the hitchhiker.