Spreepark Berlin.

We are drawn to places like the abandoned theme park in Berlin or Spreepark because, well, we have been travelling on a budget for so long and when you are trying to do things on the cheap you are often pushed to different areas of the city to find things on your own. The abandoned theme park is  in east Berlin not much more than 30 or so minutes from the centre. It has been abandoned since around 2001. It can be a little creepy and is like walking around some kind of post-apocalyptic future or an episode of the walking dead.

From the presence of security driving around in there and the odd other person trying to stay hidden from them I am assuming it is mostly forbidden to be in there but this does not really stop anyone that wants to enter. I found a small hole in the fence and stepped through and did not have a problem after that. There have been events held there since its close, the XX played a show there a few years ago amongst other events but outside of this it has mostly lain dormant.

When I was there is was really windy and the ferris wheel was spinning round. I made a decision against better judgement to jump in one of the seats as they passed and see if I could go the whole way around. It worked… It slowed dramatically when I got to the top and I was actually really worried but it spun me back round to the bottom.. thankfully. It’s a recommendation but I suppose it depends on your idea of adventure and fun. I was worried that I was going to just start falling from the sky.







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