A Wrap Up of Iceland.


It was just three friends that wanted to go somewhere different to surf and see things we had not seen before. Iceland was so much more than any of us ever could have imagined. I am not even sure any of us were able to process everything we saw properly. From actual amazing waves to the northern lights, waterfalls, driving on literal ice roads, the snow cabins, the wild horses and just general incredible sights around every corner we seemed to turn around Iceland was completely mind blowing.

We kind of took a chance going in winter with wanting to surf and not having any idea where to go or what conditions would be like especially with the lack of daylight. But it completely paid off. For me personally it could not have been a better time of year to go and I sort of explained my reasons why in an earlier post here. Anna from Annaeverywhere actually has a much more in depth pros and cons article here on summer verse winter. Just in case the cold is not your thing.

For us though the cold added to the extreme landscape and climate that we could not get over!

There was a bunch of other things that we saw along the way and photos that I had taken that did not really fit into the other posts but I still thought they were worth putting out there.

One thing we saw consistently was really cute cabins and houses littered everywhere throughout the island. Some just in the middle of nowhere, nothing else around them besides snow and mountains. I had so many visions of living in them for a winter just reading and looking out the window. I am sure the reality of it is nowhere near as romantic though.

There was not really any wildlife in Iceland at all, which I suppose makes sense. That was still a weird concept for me to deal with though. What completely made up for that was the horses everywhere. Just in their little paddocks grazing on their piles of hay mixed in amongst the snow. Always super welcoming to us despite my hesitation to get too close haha.

Overall though Iceland exceeded every expectation we ever had and went far beyond anything we could have imagined. The only regret was that we did not spend longer here and we did not get to see everything we were hoping to see.


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