Iran is still one of those countries that is off …

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Iran is still one of those countries that is off most people’s travel radar, and I guess it is only recently emerging as a viable destination again. And I can see why – so many great things to see and do there. Some of the architecture is stunning! And long may the genuine warmth and hospitality there continue…hopefully it’s something that will remain the case as more people visit there.

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The Ancient City of Persepolis.
Persepolis is one of those places that has a unique aura about it, and I can see why. Great write up and photos – I really feel like you’ve captured the scope of the place. Oh and 40 dollars for a 7 hour taxi ride? Not bad at all, especially as he stopped regularly to allow you to take pictures and stretch your legs!

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter.
I’ve been to Iceland in the summer before…and am now going in the Winter in February! Very much looking forward to it being a different experience than the one I’d had before, and yes, the Northern Lights is the one thing I’m anticipating the most. But I think this ethereal and magical land will look even better in the snow too – your photos do certainly suggest this – so the extra cold will certainly be worth experiencing for the sake of the sheer beauty around 🙂