One of these years I’ve to try to go there …

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One of these years I’ve to try to go there on winter…even if I’m very sensitive to the cold :(. Anyway Iceland is such an amazing place to visit in each season, but the possibility to see the Northern Lights and maybe save a little money could be a very good reason to come back there šŸ˜€ .

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The Ancient City of Persepolis.
First at all I love history and I love everything includes art and Architecture! It looks a wonderful piece of land, there where maybe is one of the places you might dream visiting since your history or latin lession back in school. Thanks for sharing your post and your pictures, šŸ˜€

Surfing In Iceland In Winter.
Wow guys, that’s really great. I saw a video shared by Red Bull about surfing there…it’s sick :). That’s normal was harsh, really too cold I don’t know how you could handle that temperatures. Anyway, for a surfer it’s surely a great experience…and the picture you took are absolutely amazing šŸ™‚ .