I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights for as long …

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I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been to the airport in Iceland like six times and never left… shame on me. Never thought about going in the winter, but you bring up some valid points. Maaaay need to see if I can go soon!

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I want to go to Tehran SO badly, but thanks to Cheeto-In-Chief, that won’t be happening any time soon :(. Really bummed about that, but I’ll live vicariously through your photos! They’re gorgeous. I love all the mosques, the architectural details just astound me.

Detained by Iranian Secret Police.
Oh blimey, what a story. Yeah, I’ve been to Israel before, so I know going to certain countries may get me in trouble. Guess it’s useful to know that this can happen here and should I ever be able to get to Iran, to maybe use a different passport…

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
Wow… this is amazing. What a beautiful place. Your photos are absolutely incredible! The way you captured the light and colors *__*.