My husband and I have had Iceland on our bucket …

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My husband and I have had Iceland on our bucket list for ages, but we keep seeing photos of sites totally crowded in the summer. It’s just not our thing. Recently we’ve been toying with the idea of visiting in winter. We live in Germany, so flights are insanely cheap right now. We love to camp and hike, though, and have read some articles about the wind being strong enough to rip a car door off its hinges, as you mentioned. Yours is the first article I’ve read about someone actually visiting in winter – we’re convinced!

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Shah Mosque Isfahan Iran.
Beautiful photos! Recently I’ve become increasingly interested in visiting Iran. I realized how little I know about it and it seems under-represented in tourist magazines and blogs. It’s a shame because just from your write-up of this one mosque, it’s exquisite. I would love to see the tiled ceiling up close.